Downrage 2016 3

Downrage 2016

Sitio Antuanga, Quiot Pardo

7 AM December 14, 2016

Registration is now open.
For people in the southern part of Cebu, Feel free to drop by at Bigwell Cyclery.
You can also Register at IT Park Lahug for those who are located at northern part of Cebu. You can contact 0917 303 7784 (Outbreak Adrenaline Wear) for those who are not from cebu, feel free to call or txt us.


There will be a feeding/gift giving program this coming December 3, 2016 at SCH (Sitio Antuanga). In line with the Downrage Downhill event, we would like to encourage those who will be joining the race to be there and participate in the feeding/ gift giving program, we would also like to encourage you to please bring any used clothing that we can give/ share with our brothers and sisters in Sitio Antuanga. You can also do a practice run on that day and we will also have a race briefing and giving out of race kits and respective number plates.

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